My Classroom

So, it doesn't really look like this now, but here's what the room looked like in August!

Silent Reading Zone 
My Promethean Board

Each student has a hanging file folder with his or her number on it. When we read a novel as a class, the kids store their copy of the book in the folder that is labeled with their number.

I started off the year with 28 6th graders on my roster-so thankful to be down to 19!

The back of the classroom (you can see part of the seating area in the library).

Writer's Cafe center

Another view of the Silent Reading Zone

My desk (when you could actually still see it)

View of the room from my desk

The closet doors are covered with giant posters for ISATs (reading extended response sentence stems, literary terms, and math extended response framework)

I also have small motivational quote posters that I made on the closets.

The frames are vinyl decals that can be repositioned, and they don't leave a mess!

A few more posters


  1. What a wonderful and welcoming room. I can see that you've spent many days getting things ready and the students are fortunate to have a teacher so committed to their cause.
    You are lucky to have such a large room but you've made great use of the space :)
    I hope you'll take a few days to rest before the real adventure begins because then we need unlimited energy. Enjoy your year and hopefully our gr6 students can connect with yours in a Mystery Skype experience or something.

  2. Where did you get all of the lovely, fun, and comfortable reading furniture?

  3. Love your writing area! I think I am going to model mine to something similar to this!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  4. Cozy and inviting! I especially love the writing area!

  5. Where did you get the tables for the writing area? Those are a perfect size!