Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's. So. HOT!

Alright guys, I'm off to work in my classroom. Without air conditioning. And it's 9:30 and already 90...with a heat index of 108. This should be fun, right?

In the meantime, I (finally) finished up a new resource which I'll share with you later today. Technically, it's listed in TpT already, but of course I chose to upload files during their down time last night, so the details are all there, but the files aren't. Whoops. I'll be taking care of that little snafu this afternoon.

Also, I've been thinking about starting a Will Grade for Coffee Facebook page to help fill in all of the gaps between blog posts. Thoughts?

With that, I'm pretty sure the paint touch ups that I had to do to finish up my zebra chair are probably dry by now (the only advantage of this heat), so I should probably go reattach the seat and get to work before working in my classroom becomes an incident similar to my one and only hot yoga class. Wish me luck (and if I haven't resurfaced by this afternoon, I may be passed out in a corner of my classroom, sprawled out in a puddle of sweat. You people with air conditioning have it so good. Sigh.


  1. I emailed my principal today asking if we were allowed back in the building since they were cleaning last week. He said "Yes, but the air conditioner is broken." So I am going to brave it and go tomorrow morning because I am so much more productive in my classroom than at home.

  2. ahhhh .. it's in the 100's in Missouri too! Where do you live? I don't think I could last in a hot classroom all day. My building HOPEFULLY opens next week. I'm anxiously awaiting the day!!

    1. I'm right in the middle of Illinois! I managed to last about 4 hours in there today, but it was a whopping 93 in my classroom. Blegh!

  3. It's been hot hot hot here in Ohio, too! And to top it off, we had some storms roll through today, so my power has been out since 11:30 this morning! Ahhhh, I realize now that I am INCREDIBLY spoiled... I hope you weren't too hot today!

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  4. NC = SUPER hot lately. Also, super stormy. I'm so tired of storms and it looks like it's just about to do it again.

    I don't have to be back in my classroom until August 20th. Students come back that next Monday, 8/27. Still, I'm super nervous and may be in and out of my classroom all next month. I hate these first-day jitters. I have them bad!

    Post pictures of your chair. I'd love to see it after it's all finished and painted. I'm always looking for super cute things to do in my classroom. I have 7th graders and they still like some of the super cute elementary school type things...but want them done in a new way...more "grown up." I see so many cute elementary school blogs but it's so hard to find middle school crafty people!

    Pop on over to my blog if you get a chance. I love yours!

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  5. Hi! I stumbled across your blog and I am now your newest follower! I look forward to reading all about the great things you're doing in your classroom!

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