Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Planting

Today Matthew and I decided to tackle some long overdue yard work. Around 2:00, we went to Walmart to pick up plants and then hit Rural King to grab some potting soil (since I completely forgot it while at Walmart) and a couple bushes.

So here's the deal. I love planting flowers. Each year I load up my cart full of bright and colorful plants and set off to make the house beautiful. Which it is for a few weeks. The problem is, I never really developed a green thumb. Mine is probably closer to...brown. I am awful when it comes to actually watering and trimming plants. And so, after a few weeks, they're all brown and shriveled up.

But not this year. I have every intention of having my plants actually survive the summer. Matthew and I spent the entire afternoon mulching leaves, pulling weeks, planting flowers, and laying mulch. Oh, and I made a super cute planter. More on that tomorrow.

Granted, every year I say that I'll do better, but this year I think I might really mean it! As Matthew pointed out on the way back from Rural King, "You have the summer off. It's not like you really have anything to do, other than keep the plants alive." So, that is my goal. Keep the plants alive.

Here's a little before shot of the front yard (we worked for about 5 hours after this):
A few of the perennials that I planted last year came back up.
I've decided that perennials are the way to go. Less planting each year.
I definitely tried to buy as many perennials as possible when we were out shopping. I feel that they will be less susceptible to my natural plant killing abilities.

Charlie, being the helpful dog that he is, went out of his way to help in any way possible.
Lounging on the edge of the neighbor's driveway, staring wistfully at the lake

Curled up in a pile of dirty towels in the garage

Because I know that you're dying to know what the final product looks like, I'll be providing you with pictures of my handiwork tomorrow. After Matthew and I have returned from seeing The Avengers (since we were supposed to go see it tonight, but are both far too dirty and tired to enjoy it). Have a lovely Saturday evening!

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  1. Charlie is so stinkin cute! =)

    I would love for you to come and visit and maybe even follow me back! =)

    Heather's Heart