Monday, June 4, 2012

Fail. Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail.

Went to Hobby Lobby this morning. Since I usually end up spending $100 on random stuff that I don't really NEED, I felt that my $35 trip was pretty impressive.

I really wanted to find some cute fabric for the crate seats that I'm wanting to make (you know, the cute ones from Pinterest?)

But, I didn't find anything that I loved.

Ok, there was this black fabric with white polka dots and a few randomly scattered silver glitter polka dots, but my sister didn't think that my students would want glitter on their butts. Weird, right?

I did find a picture frame for my class picture (the composite one that you get with everyone's yearbook pictures), and I found a black glitter spray paint to spruce it up with.

I was all excited to get home and start painting my frame, so I ran outside and started spraying away. And then...the can started making this hissing sound when I wasn't pushing the button. When I pushed the button, nothing happened.

Thinking it would run its course, I put the lid on the can, and let it hiss away.

Bad idea.

When I took the lid back off, it sounded like it had been seriously contemplating exploding.

So despite the fact that there was still PLENTY of paint in the can, I couldn't get anymore out of it. I then noticed that there was a puddle/glob of paint in one of the ridges of the frame. Thinking that I could just dab at it with my finger to spread it out, I instead wiped all of the paint off, leaving a giant white spot.

"Ok," I thought to myself. "This is easily fixed. Just make it look like you planned it to look like that. I ran in the house, grabbed some trusty paper towels, and went to work.


So NOT the look I was going for.

My next thought was that I could just paint the white area a bright color, but then my sister pointed out how uneven the glitter was (especially on the sides).

I now have another can of paint so that I can attack it again tomorrow. Wish me luck.

This was supposed to be an easy project. Fail.

Then, my parents' computer had a virus(s) that needed to be dealt with. Problem was that their antivirus software had expired, and they had been without it for a week. The subscription had been renewed, but the virus was blocking the software from activating (and just about everything else on the computer, too). It even tricked my sister into paying for "System Shield," a nonexistent virus remover, with her credit card. Needless to say, Visa received a phone call from her this afternoon. Sigh.

I was able to track down and remove a couple of the viruses myself, which let me run the (real) antivirus software and scan the computer. It even looked like it cleaned everything up. Then I got the phone call on the way to dinner to let me know that the virus was back. Fail again.

We also hit a antique/thrift store this afternoon where I found a chair that I'm planing on reupholstering and painting. That's on the agenda for tomorrow.

On another note, I've been really wanting to revamp my classroom for next year, but I didn't want to start from scratch. Right now, my "theme" is bright colors on black. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but after seeing so many AWESOME classrooms recently, I need a change. So I've decided to finally remove the multicolored bulletin board border that I've had up for the last two years in lieu of something new.

But I've been having trouble deciding. I looked at some stuff at the teacher store in town, but nothing really jumped out at me. I was thinking something black and white to accent the colors, polka dots, chevrons, etc. Then it finally hit me as I was looking at upholstery for my new chair. My new theme is doing to be...drumroll, please...


How cute will that be?!

I'm thinking lime green, hot pink, or turquoise for the paint color and a zebra seat on the chair. The crates that I bought for my Pinterest project are a coral which I think will look really good with the zebra.

I'm excited!

Hopefully I'll have LOTS of SUCCESSFUL project pictures to share in my next post!

Wish me luck!

Oh, I'm also taking Charlie to the vet in the morning to get his teeth cleaned. And I'll be trying out the doggy seat belt again. Pray for me.

Have a great night!

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